Must Hear Opinions

People have opinions and they have the right to express it. We have our own opinions since birth. These opinions have only diversified since birth as we grow. When we were little our opinions to those who were nice to us or who bought us chocolates was good and our opinion to other was either neutral or bad. This opinion has only diversified from only good/bad to Nice/Arrogant, Selfless/Selfish etc. Opinions are not only regarding a person, they could be regarding

Criticize Yourself

We all are doing something which either interests us or just has to be done. We all are either creating/inventing/innovating, imitating or using/ providing services and yet we are unable to satisfy each others "satisfactions/expectations". We are so opinionated and judgmental that we judge people from their faces and create opinions without even hearing anything that actually helps us create correct opinions. We criticize almost everything except our own thing. We

Better Late than Never

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, a brilliant phrase which most of us use time to time. The meaning of the phrase is, its better to do anything late than never trying. It means there is no time limit to do anything. Its always a good time to pursue whatever you wish to and get it done. This phrase is for those who are still sleeping/dreaming or are procrastinators. The implicit meaning is that its better to do anything late. Procrastinator live by this phrase. But in this competitive world where 0.1% marks and 1second delay in decision making means

Silent Fights

We fought for survival in early ages then we fought for freedom when we created borders. We fought for our life in calamities and we fought for each other in revolutions. We fought against our countrymen in dictatorships and we fought for ourselves for our rights. We fought against discrimination and we fought for women rights aswell. We fought against terrorism and we fought against inhumanity. And above all WE WON EVERY FIGHT WE FOUGHT BECAUSE

We Are The Gods

We are humans. Creatures at the top level of the food chain. In early age, we used to hunt for survival. We learned to overcome hurdles we face in our life. We are the most feared species and we are the ones who fear the most as well. We killed so many species, most of them got extinct and most of them are endangered just because we chose to hunt either for fun or to show superiority/domination or for food. We created the concept of development and we

Forget Forgetfulness

Some of us are so unorganized in our life we have to rely on others to remember the places of our things. We know we are creatures of habit. We have a habit of forgetfulness as well, We think that we would remember it all but most of us can't even remember basic things. This problem of forgetfulness is so needed to be corrected as if this continues it may turn into diseases of forgetfulness. Because of this forgetfulness so many mishappening's happen and in this course of time we also starts loosing our grip from our

Just Do It

We are creatures of habit. We keep on doing thing till they become our habits and when they do become our habit it gets hard for us to break free from their grips. We create our own enemies and our enemies are our habits which we so lovingly nurture. When they become our lifestyle, our habit, they also become death of ourselves as well. Most common evil habits are